Wednesday, May 31, 2017

From Turmerica the Beautiful, Some Poetic Advice on Healthy Eating

Turmeric True and Tasty,
Save Me from Myself

My lily-livered longing for long life
Belies my long disdain for my poor liver,
And only love for son and lovely wife
Gave life enough to thwart death’s hungry shiver.
A love for food forswore my common sense
As I, nigh death, did glut against myself.
I failed by feeble, paltry penitence
To leave the candied sweets upon the shelf.
Such painful pleasure burned into my soul
A deadly lesson cruel and hard to learn.
It spurred me to a new and lofty goal:
In heavy middle age I humbly turn
To leafy greens and plain foods most generic,
To liver-loving yellow-rich turmeric.

May 31, 2017 © Aaron Jordan

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